2022 Election Campaign Contributions & Expenditures Reports

Please click here for a list of Active Campaign Organizations for the 2022 Election Cycle.

If you would like to review specific reports, please email eccer@gec.guam.gov noting the candidate and election year and we will provide copies accordingly.

Filing Deadlines

Primary Election General Election
Preliminary Report August 17, 2022 October 28, 2022
Final Report September 6, 2022 November 28, 2022
Supplemental Report October 26, 20221 January 6, 20232
1. A Primary Election Supplemental Report is only required of candidates (or candidate committees) who failed to gain nomination in the Primary Election and the organization’s balance is a surplus or deficit.
2. General Election Supplemental Reports are only required of organizations whose General Election Final Report reflects a surplus or deficit.
In the event of a deficit, organizations shall file Supplemental Reports every 3 months until the deficit is eliminated.
In the event of a surplus, organizations shall file Supplemental Reports every 6 months until the surplus is expended, or organization is dissolved.