For Registrars

The Guam Election Commission appoints different types of electorally-related registration clerks – also known as “Voter Registrars”. In the Past, Temporary Registration Clerks, also known as “Volunteer Registrars” were deputized year-round by the Guam Election Commission. These types of appointments expire at midnight on the day that is twenty-one (21) days before the next regularly scheduled general election. On that day, District Registrars began registering voters at their respective districts (usually at the village Mayor’s office). Nowadays, we have a significantly different approach. Remaining consistent with Title 3: Elections, of the Guam Code Annotated, we are now training registrars from every mayor’s office, from every public high school and college, from civic-related community groups, and from the Public at large. All Voter Registrars are certifiably empowered to register Guam voters and Native Inhabitants of Guam.


To qualify as a registration clerk, one must:

  1. be a registered voter of Guam;
  2. not be holding an elective office;
  3. not be a candidate for office;
  4. not be an immediate relative of an elected official or candidate. (Immediate relative means: grandparent, step-grandparent, parent, step-parent, sibling, step-sibling, child, step-child, grandchild, step-grandchild, spouse, common-law, and/or in-law);
  5. be able to follow instructions;
  6. be able to attend an instructional seminar;
  7. be able to pass a standardized examination of the election laws; and
  8. not be a Director or Deputy Director of the Executive Branch, Administrative Director or Assistant Administrative Director of the Legislative or Judicial Branch.

SOURCE: GCA § 3110(a)

Persons wishing to become a Volunteer Voter Registrar may download the Volunteer Voter Registrar Application and submit it to the Guam Election Commission via email, fax, mail, or hand delivery – along with a valid form of identification.

Volunteer Voter Registrar Application

Additionally, persons interested in becoming a Volunteer Voter Registrar may apply via email at

All applicants are required to attend a training conducted by the Guam Election Commission prior to being deputized as a voter registrar. Registrar trainings will be held in the GEC Conference Room on the second floor of the GCIC Building in Hagåtña.

Please call the GEC at 477-9792 to sign up to attend a registrar training as space is limited.