About the GEC

Title 3, § 2101 of the Guam Code Annotated states that…

(a) There is within, as an autonomous instrumentality and an independent commission of the government of Guam, the Election Commission. The Commission shall consist of seven (7) members, all of whom shall be eligible voters on the date of their appointment. I Maga’lahen Guåhan [Governor] shall appoint six (6) members from recommendations made by the recognized political parties of Guam. Each of the recognized political parties, via a duly passed resolution, shall recommend an equal number of names to I Maga’lahen Guåhan and the six (6) members appointed by I Maga’lahen Guåhan shall be appointed so that the recognized political parties are equally represented. If at any time there are more than three (3) recognized political parties, the six (6) members appointed by I Maga’lahen Guåhan shall be appointed so that no more than two (2)of such members shall be members of the same recognized political party. One (1) member shall be selected and appointed by the six (6) members appointed by I Maga’lahen Guåhan. The appointment of the seventh member of the Commission shall be concurred in by at least four (4) members. The members shall serve for a term of two (2) years. If a vacancy should occur on the Commission, said vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the term only, and by the method originally prescribed for its appointment. No member may be an elected official of the government nor a candidate or nominee for an elected office within the government.

SOURCE: GC § 2050 reenacted by P.L. 11-202. R/R by P.L. 25-146:3.


The Mission of the Guam Election Commission is to ensure the enforcement of the Election Laws, the Election Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Act, and the Public Official Financial Disclosure Act.

Goals and Objectives
  • To provide the citizens of Guam a fair, honest, and orderly election process;
  • To ensure complete election returns of issues/questions and public offices.
Other administrative responsibilities include:
  • The recruitment of District and Volunteer Registrars, Precinct Officials, Poll Maintenance Workers and Ballot Operators/Tabulators in the conducting of an election.; and
  • Advising “officials” of the Public Officials Financial Disclosure Act and candidate’s requirement to file election Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Report.