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The Guam Election Commission is pleased to provide the following products and services…

  • Guam voter registration
  • Guam Decolonization Registration
  • Verification of Residency
Fees for Services

(l) In the case of a department, agency, autonomous agency or public corporation that generates its own income through fees for services or other fees, an annual statement detailing collection and income derived from such fees.

— excerpted from 5GCA, § 10306. Information Required.

The Guam Election Commission does not employ a fee structure for services rendered to members of the public at this time.




(m) All blank applications and other forms for services, licenses,government benefits, etc., of all agencies, autonomous agencies, publiccorporations and instrumentalities of the government of Guam. In theevent that the nature of a form or application prevents it from beingposted (such as carbon copy forms), the agency shall state on its websitethe reasons that such form cannot be posted. To the extent possible andpractical, the agencies shall make the forms available in fillable/savable/printable Adobe portable document format (PDF).Notwithstanding the requirements, supra, of this Subsection; the UnifiedJudiciary shall within its rule-making authority determine whichdocuments shall be posted on its website and the form and manner inwhich such documents are to be posted.

— excerpted from 5GCA, § 10306. Information Required.

Organizational Report
Election Campain Contributions & Expenditures Report
Government Contractor Election Campaign Contributions Report
Campaign Loan Report (For Campaign Loans in excess of $100)
Electioneering Communications Report
Certification of Qualification (Delegate)
Certification of Qualification (Legislature)
Certification-Declaration of Candidacy ( Sponsors Mayors/Vice Mayors)
Certification-Declaration of Candidacy( Sponsors for Senators)
Certification of Qualification (Governor/Lt. Governor)
Certification-Declaration of Candidacy ( Sponsors Territorial Board of Education)
Precinct Official Oath of Office
Supply Inventory Sheet
Ballot Inventory Sheet
Entry of Challenge
Challenge Rebutal
Absentee and Provisional Ballot Transfer / Receipt Form
Ballot Transfer Record
Record of Poll Status / Precint Official Report
Affidavit of Registration
Correction Sheet (for affidavit)
Absentee Application
Absentee Acknowledgment Letter
Cancelation Card
Absentee Status Report
Precinct Official Application (revised 03/2010)
Tabulation Clerk Application (revised 7/01)
Volunteer Voter Registrar Application (revised 7/01)
Volunteer Voter Registrar Oath of Office (revised 7/01)
Precinct Official Clearance Sheet

Administrative Complaiint Form (revised 4/05)
Affidavit of Convicted Fellon (Affidavit Pursuant to P.L. 26-71, revised March 2010)
Ballot Code / Precinct No.
Candidate's Filing Checklist
Candidate's Information Card
Candidate's Packet Check List (Legislature)
Candidate's Packet Check List (Mayor/Vice Mayor)
Candidate's Packet Check List (Public Auditor)
Candidate's Packet Check List (Washington Delegate)
Certification of Qualification (Attorney General)
Certification of Qualification (Commissioner)
Certification of Qualification (Guam Education Policy Board)
Certification of Qualification (Public Auditor)
Fax Transmittal form
Financial Disclosure Act Form (Statement of Disclosure of Conflict of Interest)
Financial Disclosure Act Forms
Financial Disclosure Act Rules and Regulations
GEC Letterhead
Guam Decolonization Registry (Application for Registration)
Letter of "Certification of Financial Disclosure Report" (Board & Commission)
Letter of "Certification of Financial Disclosure Report" (Public Official)
Nominating Petition - Active Member of the Board of Trustees, GovGuam Retirement Fund
Nominating Petition - Governor/Lt. Governor
Nominating Petition - Guam Education Policy Board
Nominating Petition - Mayor/Vice Mayor
Nominating Petition - Senator
Nominating Petition - Washington Delegate
Number of Registered Voters Per Precinct
Organizational Report and Election Campaign Contributions and Expenditure Manual
Packet Contents (Governor/Lt. Governor)
Poll Maintenance Worker Information Sheet
Volunteer Registrar Check List
Volunteer Registrar Submission List
Voter Registrar's Examination


Financials, Rules, & Regulations


The budget for the department, agency, autonomous agency orpublic corporation as is in force and approved by I Liheslaturan Guċhanor the governing board as appropriate, as well as the proposed budget forthe upcoming fiscal year, and in such form as is submitted to or approvedby I Liheslaturan Guċhan or the governing board as appropriate, and allexpenditures of the department, agency, autonomous agency or publiccorporation, such entries to be updated on a quarterly basis.

Rules & Regulations

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The following are provided for general public consumption.