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Election Comparative Analysis Report

We filter out partisan opinions to deliver fact-based General Information describing the political environment of a particular election. Starting with the composition and duties of the Guam Election Commission; the constraints of voter registration efforts; election schedules;  qualifications for offices; etc. This is followed up with Election Information describing basic outcomes of voter participation and the different races. Then finally, we present a series of tables illustrating ‘the numbers’ of each election’s results (ie. voter participation, the races, voter demographics, etc.)

2012 Election Comparative Analysis Report (8.1Mb PDF)

2010 Election Comparative Analysis Report (3.3Mb PDF)

2008 Election Comparative Analysis report  (6.3Mb PDF)

Annual Report on Freedom of Information Act Requests for 2011

Two FOIA requests were received and processed by the Guam Election Commission, in two days. The Commission does not have a full-time staff devoted to processing requests and no additional funds were expended to process the two requests. There were no determinations made by GEC not to comply with requests for records, nor are there any pending requests before GEC.

 2011 Report on FOIA Requests (288Kb PDF)

Citizen-Centric Report

Here are the Citizen-centric reports for years 2012, 2011, & 2010.

View or download the 2012 Citizen-Centric Report – released in 2014 (links to Google Docs). 

View or download the 2011 Citizen-Centric Report – released in 2012 (links to Google Docs). 

View or download the 2010 Citizen-Centric Report – released in 2011 (links to Google Docs).

Audit of the 2010 General Election

The Guam Election Commission conducted the audit of the 2010 General Election pursuant to P.L. 31-255, Sections 7117 and 7118.
Click this link to download it or to view it online (4Mb PDF).