2013 Government of Guam Retirement Fund Board of Trustees Election of Active Member 4

Click here to download the Voter Information Pamphlet.

Pursuant to 2GAR §3413 the Government of Guam Retirement Fund announces that the Guam Election Commission will conduct an Interim Member Election on Saturday, February 2, 2013 for Active Member Office 4 on the Government of Guam Retirement Fund Board that was vacated November 13, 2012 with term to expire July 2, 2014.

Active Member means an employee of the government of Guam who is employed and has been employed for at least (5) years by the government of Guam, and is either (A) a member of the Funds as described in 4 GCA §8136; or (B) a member of the Retirement System as described in 4 GCA §8201(m) and §8206.1, and who contributes to the Retirement System in accordance with 4 GCA §8208.

Inactive Member means (A) any member who has not refund contributions to the Fund pursuant to 4 GCA §8130, but is not contributing to the Fund in accordance with 4 GCA §8136, or (B) any member who is not contributing to the Retirement System in accordance with 4 GCA §8208, but has not elected to receive a distribution of the member’s vested account balances pursuant to 4 GCA § 8211.

The election will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2013, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the GGRF Bldg., in Maite.


Precinct No. (Last Names)
P-1 (A – M)
P-1A (N – Z)

If you are unable to physically vote at your polling place, you may vote by Absentee Ballot.


  • The conduct of business or necessary travel;
  • Service in the Armed Forces or Merchant Marine of the United States;
  • Accompanying a spouse engaged in any of the above activities;
  • Attendance at an institution of learning;
  • Employment in the Service of the United States or any federal agency;
  • Employment with the island of Guam which would prevent the voter from going to the polls on election day;
  • Illness or physical disability.

An Absentee Ballot Application form must be completed and filed by February 2, 2013. Click here to download the Absentee Ballot Application. After downloading and printing the entire application, fill out the application, and deliver or fax it to Guam Election Commission.

The second option is to call Guam Election Commission at (671) 477-9791. When you call, let our staff member know you are off-island and you would like to request for an Absentee Ballot Application. Provide the staff member with your full name and off-island mailing address or e-mail address. The GEC will then send you an Absentee Ballot Application to the address provided. When you receive the application, fill it out, and send it back to the Guam Election Commission.


OFF-ISLAND VOTERS. To vote in the Government of Guam Retirement Fund Election, APPLICATIONS must be received by Saturday, February 2, 2013 (preferably before the deadline in order for your BALLOT to be received on time). Upon approval of your application, your Absentee Ballot will be sent to you when the ballots are available.