Voter Registrar Class of January 2012

From left to right... GEC Program Coordinator (Trainer) Thomas San Agustin, Voter Registrars... Tamara Sablan, Don Lizama, Shanice Taitague, Marjorie Sanchez, Amanda Reyes, Patricia Simpson, Lorenzo Naputi, Tonie Cabrito, and GEC Systems & Program Administrator (Trainer) George Lujan


Congratulations to the Voter Registrar Class of January 2012!

These citizens are now certified to register both Guam Voters into the Guam Electorate and Native Inhabitants of Guam into the Guam Decolonization Registry. This class, though relatively small in size, is a well represented mix of mayors’ office registrars, school registrars, and community-wide registrars. We wish them the best registration experiences and will strive to support all of theirĀ logisticalĀ and educational needs in that respect.

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